Internet connectivity is becoming the most important piece of infrastructure in your business. As well as sending emails or browsing the internet, the same connection is now being used for cloud-based services such as Microsoft 365, Sage, CRM systems as well as Telephony solutions. It is extremely important for your business to make sure that you have the right service in place.


So whether you’re looking for an ADSL broadband, Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connection or perhaps a fully managed, business-grade connection such a Fibre Ethernet Circuit, we at Enhanced Networks will ensure a high-quality connection based upon the highest level carriers available.


Our Tier Two network benefits from direct interconnects with all major call carriers and cloud providers – allowing us to ensure you’re ‘On Net’ for vital communication needs. Through Enhanced Networks, your voice traffic can avoid the public internet, and your confidential business data can stay in the UK without having to travel overseas to reach your UK based Data centre.



Competitive and reliable ASDL & FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connections, assured for voice connectivity

Ethernet & Etherlite


If your business requires guaranteed fast and reliable internet connectivity – look no further than Managed Broadband Circuits from Enhanced Networks. Options include EoFTTC, EFM & Ethernet Circuits.


Security, Firewalls & WiFi Connectivity

Protect Your Data and Users with Forcepoint Next Generation Firewalls. This can be achieved with added Resilience across multiple sites using SD WAN Technology

Broadband & Fibre Internet

ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) internet connections offer businesses cost effective internet at a very reasonable price. Offering unlimited usage and various contract durations, broadband is ideal for small businesses or sole traders looking to get online.


We offer a number of very competitive solutions along with Voice Assured circuits if we are also providing VoIP services.


Leased Lines & EoFTTC

If your business requires fast, reliable and guaranteed internet connectivity – look no further than Managed Broadband Circuits such as EoFTTC, EFM & Ethernet Circuits from Enhanced Networks.


Ethernet circuits, also known as Leased Lines, are private, dedicated internet connections for your business. Benefiting from recent government grants, these services have seen dramatic reductions in cost in recent years, so if you’ve not looked recently it’s certainly worth asking us for a quote to see just how cost effective these solutions have become.


This type of connection is fully managed and always being monitored from our NOC (Network Operation Centre). This means we're informed about any downtime often before you will! These services arebacked up with 4-6 Hour expected fix SLA’s 24/7 x 365 days of the year.


Unlike other types of internet connections, Ethernet connections are uncontended too – so no more random slow periods, drop outs and poor call quality. If you need 50 Mbps, you’ll get the full 50 Mbps!


Security & Network Management

As businesses, we cannot afford not to make our Internet connections as secure as they possibly can be. The threat of cybercrime is extremely prevalent, forever evolving and will always need to be adapted to, furthermore, both you and your customer's data are under ever-growing legislation such as GDPR & MIFID II to ensure it's safe and current. 

Security is key to being online and at Enhanced Networks, we offer market-leading Next-generation Forcepoint Firewalls, and our security tools ensure your business is always protected from the latest threats.  


Our Firewalls are provided as:

  • Optional Fully Managed Monitored or Unmanaged services

  • Application Awareness – Managed Security for your applications

  • Software always upgraded (Managed)


We also offer a number of other products such as Web and Email Filtering.