Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon from Enhanced Networks is the most widely used hosted telephone system in the UK. It provides you with a cutting-edge cloud-based phone system, which encompasses all your communications needs.

Taking advantage of the latest VoIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) you are always available to take that all-important call whether you’re sat a desk, at home or even in another country. You are part of the telephone system wherever you are, using whichever device you choose.

Furthermore, Horizon Collaborate is perfect for businesses that require video conferencing and desktop sharing - tools which are renowned to save valuable travelling time and costs.

A handset for

every business

Gamma Horizon natively supports a full range of handsets; from the new VVX450 which is perfect for all office applications, through to to the Polycom Trio, the conference call which allows everyone in the meeting to be heard.

Mobile Client

Never miss a call again with the Horizon Mobile Client. Your mobile becomes another device to make, receive and transfer calls from; presenting your chosen number so your customers always know who’s calling whilst utilising your Horizon call rates.


Full handset functionality – Call twinning, Call Forward, Call Waiting | Presence | Call Transfer | Contacts List | 3-way Calling | Call History | Visual Voicemail | Transfer calls seamlessly between your mobile and desk phone

Desktop Client &

Soft Phone

Full telephony usage; make, receive and transfer calls directly from your PC or laptop.


Chat | Click to Dial | Text messages | Call Diversion | Call Transfer





(Gamma Collaborate required for Presence)

Multiple locations:

One phone system

Seamlessly bring all your site’s telephony together. Transfer & route calls between sites easily know who’s calling using one CRM integration.

Always up to date

Horizon is always up to date. All new features and upgrades are automatically applied without you or your IT team needing to worry about them.

Perfect for Home and Flexible working

Gamma Horizon makes working away from the office quick and simple. At the click of a button, redirect call traffic to a mobile or PC Soft Client.

Reception Console

(PC Soft client)

No more lengthy delays and submitting change requests with the feature-rich administration portal. This easy to use web-based portal allows you to make changes to your system without delay.


Basic time-based call routing | Call scheduling | Automatic failover | Build and maintain Auto Attendants | Call Reporting | Manage Call Hunt groups | Manage users, permissions and

Call baring

Highly reliable &


With fantastic reliability and disaster recovery planning out of the box. Couple this with the ability to add or remove users quickly and easily, Horizon is the business phone system that can scale as you grow.

Work smarter -

not harder!

With a wealth of features, such as CRM integration, easy to use online portals and cutting edge mobile support, you can continue to manage and grow your business easier than ever before.

Collaborate Quickly

and Easily

Horizon integrates natively with Gamma’s Collaborate platform, brining Presence, Built in conference bridge, web browser Video Calling, desktop sharing and much more.