Traditional Lines


If your legacy phone system is still running on Analogue, ISDN2, or ISDN30 we can help ensure you’re getting great rates for your calls and lines. Or if you’ve already upgraded to SIP, why not utilise our network to ensure you’re always ‘On Net’ for voice and you’re heard crystal clear.


Enhanced Networks only use the highest tier networks for call routing so whether you are just making UK based calls or calling International Destinations you can be assured of quality.


We provide a number of extremely competitive packages along with Unlimited Local, National & UK Mobile options.  All provided on one clear, easy to read monthly invoice.

Analogue & ISDN Channels

Analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 channels from Enhanced Networks are a robust and trusted method of communication within businesses of all sizes.


Whether you're running your broadband or alarms through our analogue lines or managing your phone system with ISDN channels - We have the right call package and solution for you. 


Competitive and Reliable SIP Trunks from Enhanced Networks are now available with Unlimited Inclusive UK Local, UK National and UK Mobile calls. Our SIP Channels come with Voice Assured Quality when taken with an Enhanced Networks Broadband Circuit ensuring you're always heard crystal clear.


We also offer disaster recovery planning with SIP Trunk Manager to make sure all your calls and numbers continue to route to the right people in the event of an unforeseen Telephone System or broadband failure.